Services - What can we do for you?

In the current business environment there is an important need to ensure that our businesses have an appropriate online profile. It is more and more vital that we present an open and clear message to our clients and customers including:

  • All resources are mobile friendly
  • User friendly and easy to navigate
  • Provides an appropriate image of your business

Signum-IT offers a free business profile review to all potential customers. We investigate:

  • How easily your business can be found
  • What information is available online from the business (website, social)
  • What information is available online from the public (social, reviews, forums)
  • Google rankings and analytical research
  • Offline business processes

We work with our clients in an on-going basis, to ensure that they stay ahead of the market. Services we provide are:

Raising Business Online Profile

To do this we start by ensuring your business is not only listed with search engines, but that the portfolio available there is clean, up to date and precise. This allows potential clients and customers to find your business easily and ensures that the get the correct information swiftly. It is also an opportunity to start to craft the online image of the business.

Review and Optomise Website Content

The content of our websites is vital in todays online environment. In the past developers could optomise their code to ensure that webpages would be treated favourably by Google and other search engines. Now however the bots which rank our websites are driven by the content on them.

We now need to ensure that businesses provide accurate and up to date content to ensure that their website is easily found by search engines. It's important to ensure that while we provide the information, it must also be relevant.

Signum-IT helps its clients by continually reviewing and providing advice on the best way forward. There are many different ways to ensure that as businesses we keep our websites active without it becoming difficult or time consuming. Allow us to help empower your website to be a beneficial tool for your business.

Website Re-development and Design

Not only is the content on our website important, but the way in which it is displayed is also vital. We need to ensure the user experience is optimal for various reasons:

  • 51% of people think "thorough contact information" is the most important element missing from many company websites.
  • 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive.
  • 39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load.
  • Mobile devices now account for nearly 2 of every 3 minutes spent online.

Signum-IT specialises in revamping existing websites as well as generating new designs. All our projects are designed to be responsive, ensuring that mobile users are treated equally as desktop users and are designed with the users experince as the key focus.

Ensuring Website Responsive Design

Almost 2 of every 3 minutes spent online today are done through a mobile device with tablet internet consumption growing by 30% and 78% by smartphone between Dec 2013 - Dec 2015.

In this ever growing mobile market our websites need to be responsively designed. This ensures that no matter what device the website is displayed on, the user gets a complete and user friendly view.

Another component that needs to be considered is the use of data in loading webpages to mobile devices. If the webpage uses too much data, then users will stop using your website using mobile devices. We need to ensure that mobile users have the same access to resources, without any drawbacks.

Email Newsletters & Campaigns

In 2015 on average, the number of emails sent are recieved each day, was over 205 billion.

The use of email for marketing and keeping clients involved is still a common practice and a useful tool for our businesses. The difficulty is, how do we make our newsletters stand out to those who are interested, above the other emails that they get?

MailChimp is an amazing tool which when used right allows us to tailor newsletter campaigns to send out informative, stylish and complete email campaigns to subscribers. It also allows us the capability to simply and easily gain metrics on the successes and failures of the email campaign and to progressively respond to them.

Signum-IT will work closely with you to create the mailing lists if you don't currently have them and to build up a template that works for your business. In an on-going capacity we will review the analytics and work over a period of time to ensure that your email campaigns are having a positive affect on your business.

Many business create their template and just use it over and over. In todays world that's just not enough. Signum-IT will take the time consuming work from you and will provide you with the recommendations you need to succeed.

Review Company branding

As the way in which we display ourselves is important to our clients and customers, so too is ensuring that all our public facing resources are branded correctly. It is all to easy to create a copy cat website or social profile. One of the ways in which we can circumvent this is by ensuring that our business branding is continuous. For most this may seem like common place practice, but it delves deeper than just using your company logo.

We must ensure that the entire look and feel of the websites and other profiles match. Some businesses have an informal attitude and this can easily be displayed in their language and tone. Other businesses need to maintian a more formal approach to how they communicate with customers. The colour schemes we use in our design and the emails which we send must adhere to what our customers expect, otherwise they will consider it out of place and will assume it to be a hoax or unsafe behaviour.

Signum-IT helps to generate an online persona that can be maintained consistently across all platforms, both online and offline. It is vital that this is thought out and prepared to garner trust and co-operation from our clients digitally.

Online Marketing Options

We all know that ad revenue is a big part of many websites, however how can you get your business listed as a promoted result in a search engine or to appear elsewhere on Google or other popular sites? It's important to ensure that you can promote your business effectively and to identify the right target market for the AD campaign that you run.

Signum-IT can help you to advertise your busines on Google and social media were appropriate. By reviewing you analytical data, we can work together to create an engaging and rewarding campaign to draw in new clients and business opportunities.

Offline Process Review

Our consultancy also focuses on the offline procedures that you use on a daily basis. All to often we settle ourselves into doing things a particular way because "thats how its always been done".

There are often easiler and less time consuming ways to complete repetitive IT tasks which just require a little bit of knowledge and training to implement. Signum-IT has that knowledge and has worked previously with small businesses to improve their methods of working on a daily basis, saving time to focus on the important things.

We typically will chat first to gain an estimation of the processes you currently use and then shadow you through an example to understand what you are doing and importantly, why you are doing it that way. Once we understand your needs, we will provide recommendations and if appropriate solutions to help speed your business practices.

Project Examples and Client Reviews